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Crawfish Boil

Well, it's official. I'm a Texan. Over the weekend I attended my very first "Crawfish Boil" and despite still having an Illinois license, I'm pretty sure my residency here is now legit. 

Last year around this time, I wrote this and was pretty skeptical about the whole notion of eating crawfish. A year later, well, I still pretty much feel the same way. But I still had a fantastic time at the party!

The thing is, I want to eat crawfish. I mean, its not like I'm a picky eater and I wanted so badly to join in on the crawfish eating camaraderie.

But isn't there a saying that "you eat with your eyes?" 

      The problem is that my eyes see this and say "no fucking way."

How adorable is this? Precious, right?!

Fortunately for my sake, this party had a plethora of party treats, not just crawfish. Take this cooler for example.

Jello Shots baby! Now we're talking!

"Here's to living single, seeing double, and sleeping triple!"
(That's my favorite jello shot toast.)

No one at the party seemed to mind I wasn't eating crawfish. They probably just falsely assumed I was a vegetarian. Or I suppose as the party progressed, a drunk vegetarian. (More accurate.)

Alright, let me hear from my fellow Southerners.
I suppose I'm the only one who doesn't eat crawfish?


  1. Why not have someone else peel them for you before you do it on your own. Learn to slowly love them.

  2. They gross me out! They are too much work for too little food! I stick to the alcohol also!


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