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Decisions, Decisions

Dress: Zara  Shoes: can be seen here  Bag: Rachel Roy

At a recent trip to heaven Zara, I fell in love with this dress. It came in both black and pink and I couldn't decide which route to go.  So I decided to be a baller/high roller and get both.

"Medium Roller" actually. This dress wasn't super expensive. I feel like to properly use the term "high roller" you have to at least spend a few hundo...or be in Vegas....or have a grill. (In your mouth, not your backyard).

I think I like the pink better.

It's more "sweet" than "sassy" and I'm not sassy at all. Not even a little bit.* 

Which do y'all prefer?


P.S. It's the weekend!! Woo hoo! Martinis all around!
P.P.S. Any of y'all on Lyst? If so, check me out here.

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