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A Tribute to Fathers

Yesterday was Father's Day and unfortunately, due to geographical distance, I did not get to spend the day with my father. (Sad face.)  I did, however, get to check out Houston's new H&M at Baybrook mall. (Happy face.)

Again, to clarify, I would've much preferred to spend the day with my father (ideally at H&M!!) though any setting would have sufficed.

Anyway. In the spirit of all things paternal, today I'm dedicating this post not just to my Dad, but all the fathers in my life. Let's get started;

My dad (who you know from here and here) is the best father anyone could ask for. He's funny, supportive, and loving - not just to me, but also the Chicago Bears. Here's to you Dad!

The next father I'd like to honor is my husband, Danny. As many of you know he is the father (adopted not biological)  to our dog Booker.

Danny spent Father's Day watching the US Open which I would normally say is lame but upon witnessing this, I became an instant fan of the sport. Danny, here's to you!

And last, but certainly not least, I'd be remiss to not give a shout out to the father of rap music (and now Blue Ivy), Jay Z. (Who I know from here.)


I love all three of these men, though in considerably different ways, with all of my heart. Happy Father's Day to them and any other dads reading this post!

*Not pictured/mentioned. "Pappa" from Pappa Johns. He's also solid.

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