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Megan and Danny

It can get confusing when your best friend from college has the same name as you.

From left to right; Megan. Megan.

It gets more confusing when she marrys a guy with the same name as your husband.

Fortunately, we got through Megan and Danny's recent wedding without any major hiccups or confusion.

Remember these dresses from here?

Except for the confusion of course in this next shot.  But it has more to do with me thinking "Whoomp! there it is" is still cool and really nothing to do with names.

My friend, Janet, appears to have been confused by non-cool dance moves as well. Here she appears to be doing the charelston.


Overall it was a great time had by all. Especially by Megan & Danny. (And Megan & Danny.)

Megan and Danny, I wish you a long, happy marriage full of laughter, health, Blackhawk wins, and tons of Megan and Danny Juniors. Love you guys! XOXO

Any of y'all have confusing name situations in your life?

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