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Houston Blogger Symposium Website Launch

  It's aliiiiiiiiiiive!


The cat's out of the bag friends! After months of working on what I've referred to as my "secret project", I am super excited to share what exactly has been up my sleeve...

TA DA!  

 Click here to check out the site

Of course the launch of this website, and event in general, was a team effort which is why I'm going to publicy thank some people now. (Because apparently this is the Oscars.)

Kirsten Stoddard - Kir, to me, you are a very beautiful, very hilarious version of Mark Zuckerburg. I don't know how you do all the bloggy, websitey stuff you do but you never cease to amaze me with your impeccable taste for design. Thank you for everything! I love you!

Danny Silianoff - Honey, sorry I woke you up before 7am to ask you my paypal password. Also, sorry I woke you up right after that to ask you to "teach me paypal". After thinking about what you yelled said, I agree that I should have "figured this out earlier" as opposed to minutes before the site was supposed to launch.

Eventbrite Help Desk Guy - Hey man! Thanks for all your help this morning. And sorry I cried. As I mentioned on the phone, i was "freaking out". Anyway, had we not had that conversation about ticket tax, twice, because I forgot to take notes the first time, then the website wouldn't be live right now. So thanks Eventbrite guy! 

Alright now friends, scadaddle. Go check out  the event! And more importantly, buy a ticket!

See you all Saturday, September 15th, 2012! WOO HOO!

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