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Weekend Update

It was a gloomy, rainy weekend in Houston which was perfect for what I wanted to do - nothing. After last weekend's blow out, the symposium launch, and my new 9-5, I've been feeling very wiped.

Saturday we made it out of the house to go see Ted at the movie theatre which was HILARIOUS. Afterwards, I did my best to pull what my dad calls a "double feature" and sneak into Magic Mike. But Danny wasn't feeling it. Either was the cinema security guard that kept eyeing me down. Especially after I gave him the finger for doing so.

Having to exit the theatre through the arcade, I pushed Danny into a photobooth. (Above.) We followed that up with a quick game of "Pop-A-Shot", which I WON! Only because Danny's game was broken and not keeping score, but whatever. I won bitch.

Hope everyone's weekend was as rejuvenating as mine. Anyone else see TED? So funny, yes?

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