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MD Anderson's Moon Shot Program

Four days ago I was in the hospital chillin with my day old baby. But because that was a completely impromptu thing -  I had actually accepted an invitation to chill in another hospital that hospital. A.K.A. - The best hospital in the world. A.K.A.. - MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Four days ago MD Anderson held a press conference to announce what their calling "The Moon Shoot" program - a program that will be responsible for curing certain cancers within 3 years. Read that sentence again - CURE IN CERTAIN CANCERS IN 3 YEARS. Holy Shit!!!!

Now I'm pretty sure that is precisely not how I'm supposed to roll out this news. Had I been able to attend the press conference as planned, I'm sure MDA's  legal team would have coached me and their other guests in how to convey this announcement in a more diplomatic, legally pleasing way. But guess what? I wasn't there! So I'm just gonna go with it and in the Moon Shots video, they straight up say that within a 3 year timeline they believe that they'll be able to cure things in prostate cancer, specifically, that they aren't now.

The other 4 cancers selected to be on the front lines of cure? Melanoma, Lung, Leukemia, and (cough cough) BREAST AND OVARIAN!!! My specific cancers -  the little bitches! In fact, if you scroll half way down on this MDA Moon Shots page, you can read my story as I'm being profiled as one of the many patients directly effected by this news. 

Here's the part where I get sentimental. I am SO PROUD and SO HONORED to be a part of the MD Anderson community. The Moon Shots video begins by profiling several patients and how they initially received extremely grim prognoses only to come to MDA and recieve new leases on life.That was 100% me y'all. (Though I wasn't asked to be in the video....Um, WTF!?)

Tears are now flowing as I write this, partly because I'm sleep deprived and emotional just rolling off the adoption but also because my passion for MDA is easily evoked.  I love everything about MDA from my doctors to the nurses who let me talk to them about the Kardashians to the the poor valet lady who I routinely stiff becuase I never ever have cash on me (I suck) to MDA's beautiful, inspiring, blonde-headed Social Media Coordinator.

If you want to know more about my story and my connection to MD Anderson, click on my "topics" page and click on the "cancer" category. It's there you can find things like my MD Anderson movie. Just don't read too much - as my book, Cancer with Charisma Cancer Sucks, Vicodin Doesn't  should be ready for purchase in the next year and well, I'm going to want you to buy full price....Maybe buy two. They make great presents, you know?

Congrats to MD Anderson and congrats to all of us really - as each and every one of us is effected by this phenom news!

P.S. Have questions for me about my cancer or I guess anything else? You can now ask me stuff on my FAQ page.

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  1. Wow this is pretty monumental news...I do so much with Komen right would be awesome to see what happens in 3 years!


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