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Introducing Macy Carter.

Born on September 20th 2012, weighing 5 lbs and 4 ounces.

Loved SO MUCH by her Birth Mother, Birth Father, Adoptive Mother (that's me y'all!) Adoptive Father (Danny) and Adoptive Big Brother (Booker. Obvi.)

Many of our friends and family have inquired about Macy's name, assuming "Carter" or "Macy"  is a family name. They both are family names I'm sure - just not in Danny or my particular families.

"Macy" is named for Danny and my all time favorite movie in the entire world, Uncle Buck.  Danny and I have always known our first girl would be named after Macy in Uncle Buck  - until somewhat recently when we realized they weren't saying Macy but Maisy. It was a very confusing and traumatic day, but we eventually decided to still name her "Macy" because we liked that better. (No offense readers named Maisy!) We also decided to make arrangements to get our hearing checked.

Miles (played by Macaulay Culkin) & Macy/Maisy/whatever (played by Gaby Huffman.)
Ten meaningless "points" for anyone who leaves an Uncle Buck quote in the comments below.

Macy's middle name "Carter" was named for another one of Danny and my  favorites things in life, though in this case it's a person not a movie. Someone we hope will be an equally strong influence in Macy's life as he has in ours. This person being Shawn Cory Carter - more commonly known by his stage name, Jay Z.

* Though Shawn's wife, Beyonce,  is also pictured in this photo (left), she has no influence on the name of our child. She has, however, been contacted in hopes she'll agree to be Macy's godmother. We're waiting to hear back and will keep y'all updated accordingly.

When Macy grows up, I can only hope that she'll love her name as much as I do. If she doesn't? That's easy. GROUNDED.


  1. She's BEAUTIFUL! HEr name is awesome too. Congrats again!!

  2. She's awesome, y'all are awesome, and "how many times does the dog eat per day, five or six??"


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