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There is no way to prepare yourself for what I'm about to tell you so just sit down, prepare yourself accordingly, and possibly grab an adult beverage....

Danny and I have a CHILD!

If you're freaking out right now take comfort in knowing that we are too! (But in a such a fun, excited way!!!!) Danny and I began the domestic adoption process about 2 years ago-ish. One week ago from today (an hour or two before the symposium weekend kicked off, mind you) I got a call that there was a birthmother who had chosen us and was due super soon. We met her for the first time on Monday and watched her deliver our baby as of 2:57pm yesterday.

How's that adult beverage doing? Can I have a sip?

In all seriousness, we feel so lucky, so blessed, AND SO EXCITED!

I acknowledge I've been a mom for only 22ish hours but I will now share my philosophy on parenting. (I plan to be an incredibly "know-it-all"-ish mother.)

Good, right? I hope you were taking notes. (Thanks Anne-Marie for texting me this yesterday!)

That's it for now y'all. More next week on her name and whatnot.

So much love!



  1. Holy crap that is crazy! Congratulations girl! Can't wait to hear what you name her :)

  2. Megan!! oh my goodness, congratulations!!
    you're a mom!!!

  3. wow..congrats! That is such a blessing!

  4. I've read a lot of great posts on your blog - but this wins!!! Congratulations and God bless your sweet new little family.

  5. Congratulations! Now that your a mom, you need to start following Honest Toddler on twitter.


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