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A hoe at the hospital

I spent the majority of yesterday at MD Anderson Cancer Center, something I do every three months just to make sure my body is on the up and up.

Here I'm trying to work my gown. I was close - I just needed a belt and a tailor and I would have rocked it. (My Urban boots however were getting the job done.)

The tests I take on my quarterly visits are always the same; blood test, ultrasound or cat scan, and a physical exam. 

A highlight of my frequent trips to the hospital is I get to see my friend Lucy who works there and runs their amazing blog called Cancerwise. Lucy was excited to hang with Macy, who yesterday was channeling an eighties aerobics instructor.
"Move it! Push it...Push it real good!" - Macy

Because I log so many hours at the hospital when I go, I bring a lot stuff, which the following pictures illustrate particularly well.  

My sweater is a gift from C&C California - a great line I discovered at Lucky FABB.

Overall, everything looked pretty good. I have to repeat a blood test again in a month but it's probably because my phlebotimist was distracted as she was busy explaing to me that that she wasn't authorized to write prescriptions and even if she was, she wouldn't "hook a sister up" as I'd requested. (Rude.)

To read my previous posts about MD Anderson, or my cancer in general,  go to my topics page and click on "cancer". 

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