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Tea for Two and Two for Tea

My mom and cousin were in town yesterday and because we are fancy, civilized people we had Afternoon Tea at Houston's Hotel Granduca.

We began the afternoon by taking pictures of ourselves smoking "tea blunts" because how could you not when the tea looked like this? The similarity was uncanny!!!


This is what maturity looks like. 
Also, it reminds me of the time I smoked potpourri at my mom's condo

But other than that, it was a very civilized afternoon because again, it bares repeating, we are very civilized people. Usually my favorite part of having afternoon tea is the cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches. Though yesterday the scones were actually really good due to the variety of marmalades in which with they were served.

We brought Macy to tea with us because she too, despite being a baby, is very elegant and very fancy. Because of this, I dressed her in her most elegant outfit, a white dress with a matching bonnet. She ended up looking more "Amish" though than anything else.

She's a cute amish baby though.

In all honesty, the afternoon tea at Hotel Granduca was a little underwhelming - just in terms of the food and the ambiance. If I was to do it over again, I'd probably try somewhere else - maybe the St. Regis or something. I feel very pretentious saying that. I mean, other problems I have are that my wallet is too small for my fifties and my diamond shoes are too tight*. I want to be candid though in case of my fellow Houstianians are planning on going to afternoon tea in the near future.

*Points if you knew this was a quote from Friends!

Hotel Granduca's pool however, as you'll see below, looks pretty legit and pretty fancy. So I might have to try that out sometime because as you now know, I'm a fancy person.

From left to right; Me, amish baby, my mom, my cousin Anne-Marie

Any fellow Houstonians know alternative places to have high tea in the city? Do tell!

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