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Houston's Little India

Last week Danny and I spent the afternoon in Houston's "Little India" neighborhood. I was very excited for this trip as I love Indian food, Indian culture, and even Indian people. I mean, Mindy Kaling anyone?? OBSESSED with her. Other Indian people I love include but are not limited to;  Aziz Ansari, my oncologist, and Anoop Desai from American Idol, Season 8.  Anoop sang Bobbi Brown's 'My Prerogative' any chance he got which I respected and appreciated.

Our afternoon began at an Indian Candy store called London Sweets & Snacks. The owner couldn't have been more gracious and walked us through a variety of samples. It was like going to an Indian Sam's Club and I enjoyed every minute of it.

How is it Dan?

Next up was lunch. We ate at The London Sizzler - which now that I think about it, doesn't sound very Indian but it was good.

Macy loves India too. I've been talking to her about studying abroad there so I can visit.

Next on the agenda was a marital dispute. The disagreement being that I thought Danny should FOR SURE get his eyebrows threaded in the little salon near the restaurant. Danny and his unibrow disagreed. Determined not to let these incredible salon prices go to waste, I decided to get henna tattoo.

That's a lot of henna for ten bucks.

Overall, I'd highly recommend spending an afternoon in Little India. Unless of course you don't like Indian stuff, in which case, you proably don't want to go there.

Any fellow Indian food lovers? Palak Paneer is the bomb, no?

Alternatively, if you'd rather comment about The Mindy Project and how hilarious it is, I'd be interested in that as well.


  1. cool henna! Indian food is soooo yum, will have to try this place

  2. I love Indian food too! Yum..palak paneer..


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