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Deep Thoughts by Megan

-This collage is what the inside of my brain looks like.-

Supplemental Info

One. I write a staffing industry blog for my family's business. Yesterday's post consisted of  the office supplies I need in order to be organized, productive, and cute in 2013.

Two. Speaking of productivity - I've been lurking on Braid Creative's website and consequently having a great week in terms of editing my book. I especially liked their post on "routine" that includes a worksheet!

Three. I bought this dress from Asos and should be receiving it soon. I hope it makes me look like Jessica Rabbit and not Jessica Simpson. P.S. I didn't know Asos had free shipping! That's fun.

Four. I've caught up on NBC's Parenthood and my sexual attraction to "Hank"  (played by Ray Romano) is at all time high. Spolier Alert: If she goes back to that sissy Mark, I'm going to throw shit at the tv.

Five. I love this picture. I think I'm going to use it in Macy's nursery. I've decided the motif is going to be "black & white and Parisian inspired."

*Bonus Thought - (not pictured.) I feel bad for Al Roker. For real guys. 

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  1. I think I feel more sorry for the White House janitor that had to find his undies he took off. "You pooped your pants." <--Said so seriously. How did they not bust out laughing? Obv, they're maturity level is miles above mine.


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