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Storytime with the Silianoffs


1. The 8 Hour Diet - I saw this on The Today Show. The ideology is that you can lose weight by restricting when you eat - not what you eat. The author claims if you eat only between the hours of 9am - 5pm (or whatever 8 hr. period you choose) you can shed serious poundage as your body will have ample time to digest it. I'm gonna give it a go.

2. Expecting Adam - I'm purposely taking forever to finish this because I don't want it to end. The protagonist is pregnant with a baby who has down syndrome and while that sounds heavy, and it is, I'm really enjoying it.

3. Medium Raw - Danny loves him some Anthony Bourdain. He reads his blog, watches his shows, and I'm guessing would make out with him if given the opportunity.

4. Spin Selling - My businessman read business books. Apparently Tony Robbins recommended this one.

5. The Long & Short of It: A Tale about Hair: This book is really special to me, not just because I'm a cancer champion but because it was co-written by a friend of mine, Lydia Criss Mays. The message is appropriate for all children - not just those who've been directly or indirectly effected by cancer.

6. I Wished for You, an Adoption Story; We plan not to surprise Macy with news of her adoption in her teenage years. Noble I know.

7. Vizsla -  Booker's biography.

8. Harry The Dirty Dog  - Booker knows Harry from back in the day. He claims Harry was indeed dirty, but all-in-all a pretty good guy.

Have any of you read these? Or plan to read these? What's the good word?


  1. Just had my entire comment erased & I had written a novel. Here's the abbreviated version as I have to get my 3 boys up for school.
    1) Expecting Adam, good read. Do some resarech on the author. She's....interesting.
    2) A good friends 2 year old was just diagnosed with leukemia a week ago. Heartbreaking. Baby Belle is going to lose her beautiful curls she loves to play do you explain that!?!?
    3) The blog universe is telling me to blog. I keep winning random shit, like a $500 stroller. I've actually been asked if it's the Rolls Royce of strollers. Not gonna lie, I feel pretty awsome toting my toddler around in it...if he would just stay in it!
    XO, bloggy stalker from RI

  2. I'm sorry to hear about #2.....Maybe The Long and the Short of it will help explain to Belle? Either way, sorry to hear about that.
    PS - Jealous of your stroller!! =)


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