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I'm almost as obsessed with Beyoncé as I am her husband. They are, hands down, without a doubt, the two people I'd select for my dream threesome...Therefore I'm SO PUMPED Bey is going on tour and doing tons of promotional stuff accordingly. Detes below.
One. Wait for it.............I'M GOING TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tickets were super hard to get but Danny eventually found them on some 2nd party, shady website that he assures me is legit!  I will be attending the concert in my former home of Chicago so that I can go with my sis, who ironically went as Beyoncé for Halloween. (Read about that here.)

Two. Bought this yesterday and will be reading it tomorrow morning. Hopefully with a donut and huge cup of coffee. 
Three. Oprah is annoying but I won't have time to notice as I'll be hanging on Bey's every word. This Saturday, February 16, at 8/7c. Sneak peek the interview here.
Four.  And then watch this immediately after. Saturday night is going to be FANTASTIC. The 20 minute trailer to this  HBO documentary is posted here on my friend Allyson's blog. 
Leave a comment if you love Bey!!!!!

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  1. Uh so jealous you are going!!!!! I was late taking my kids to school for 2 days (presale and this past Monday) with no luck :( I'm hoping she opens another Houston date.... Love me some bey


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