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Naples Zoo

My Dad and I took Macy to the Naples Zoo last week with some family friends of ours. Here are a few of my fave shots from the day.
Here I am feeding a giraffe which was pretty cool. It wasn't necessarily on my bucket list or anything but for the five bucks they charge you to do it, it was definitely a positive experience.  

My friend Ashley took this pic of my Dad and I caught, simultaneously, on our phones during the live alligator feeding. What can I say? You see one alligator eat, you've seen them all. 

Here Mace is on a boat ride through Monkey Island. She loved it. Though to be fair, Macy loves anything. Yesterday she had a giggling fit when I showed her a sponge.

And this, folks, is huge - Macy's first photobooth!

She seemed to enjoy this experience as well. So much so that I think she's considering being a blogger when she grows up. We can only hope!

P.S. It's my Aunt Kathy's birthday today. Happy Birthday Aunt Kath! Gift wise, I got you this public shout out on my blog. I hope you like it!
Have a good Valentines Day Eve everyone! Muah!


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