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As you may recall from this post, my parents have a house in Florida with a small orchard. I gotta say, it's pretty nice to wake up in the morning, go outside, and pick the fruit that will soon become your juice.  
Here I am (in part of my Nicki Minaj Halloween costume!!! ) preparing some orange juice. 
This is the apparatus you use to retrieve your fruit. It's highly technical and not to be used as an oversized baton. I know because I tried and almost took Booker's eye out.
This almost happened.
Another integral part of the orchard is the golf cart.
Isn't ironic a sport as lame as golf has such an awesome accessory?

Truthfully, the golf cart has nothing to do with the orchard, other than my Uncle lives close by and sometimes we'll drive over and give him fruit. Or use his pool. More the pool thing though. Like, way more.

P.S. I've posted some more must-see orchard pics on the Greetings From Texas Facebook page. See you there!

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