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My dear friend Allyson has the floor today. Allyson and I met through blogging because that's how I meet all my friends as I'm a cyber creep like that. I'm continuously blown away by Allyson's ambition and drive as she has an amazing blog, amazing internship!!!!, works full time, and goes to school. Um, what? When I was in college, I remember being impressed with myself if my hangover wasn't bad enough to constitute puking. Let alone anything else.
This is what Allyson has been up to lately! 

WEARING. Chambray has become a universal closet staple, so I was ecstatic to find this brighter and more fitted similar style at Gap last month. It pairs much better with denim (I could never bring myself to double denim with my true chambray shirt) and even better with my white jeans I scored on a J Crew sale. I've also been finding myself wanting to buy everything in pink lately. First it was stripes, now it's pink. This sweater is a favorite of mine and I love to wear it with my go-to skinny jeans and flats.
WORKING. Apart from my full time job and being a student, I'm the social media intern at The Everygirl. It's great working for a company that produces consistently awe-inspiring content and I can honestly say I enjoy every minute of it. I only wish there were more hours in the day!

WAITING. For my college graduation in a month and a half. Hip, Hip, Hooray! There are also some other exciting post grad things I'm waiting for... but not quite ready to announce them to the world ;)

WISHING. For a Macbook. My trusty computer finally bit the dust last week so it's time to upgrade. Thankfully I have a PC on loan from a sweet friend so I can put off the switch for a little longer.

READING. I've become one of those people who has multiple books going at once. The first, well I'm slightly embarrassed to admit, is The Host by Stephanie Meyer. Yes, the Twilight author. In my defense, I love to read books and then go see them as movies and compare the two. I downloaded it on my iPad after seeing the trailer last week. Martha's American Food is the coolest cookbook I've ever owned. I'm a sucker for the recipes (mac n cheese, chocolate chip cookies, potato salad, you name it--this book has it) and the photographs are gorgeous. I could look at it for hours and then do it all over again. BossyPants is another great book that I just haven't been able to finish because I just don't want it to be over.

*Thanks for playing Allyson! Go check out her blog everyone!

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  1. I love Allyson's blog! This reminded me that I need to read BossyPants like now!

  2. I love following Allyson's blog. And I love Bossypants! What a hilariously real book.


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