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"Ladies Night" in Houston

I've been busssy! I was in Dallas Monday for a book meeting, I've picked up a new client for my ongoing freelancing career, we're MOVING TOMORROW, I'm working on a special upcoming project with BHLDN (yay!), I'm a mom now (still weird!), and I've watched the latest episode of New Girl 8 times (extremely important!) because it was oh so romantic!
All of this to say I was excited to go out with my friends last night! It was a self proclaimed "ladies night" in Houston! Paige and I made Allyson drive to dinner because, out of the three of us, she's the most responsible. I did help her park, however, so I feel like reaching our destination was truly a collaborative effort.

Roots Bistro was the restaurant of choice - which recently made national news, including this article on the Huffington Post, for their funny? offensive? tasteless? billboard.

Now they post stuff like this;
Considerably less controversial.

Dinner was fun - we covered all obligatory girl topics; diets, weddings, birth control.  But because we all happened to be bloggers we got to talk extensively about this favorite subject of mine. There was a lot of this;

  • "Oh my god, do you guys read so & so blog? YOU DON'T!? Oh my god, you guys have to read it."
  • "Oh my god, did you guy's see so & so's latest post? YOU DIDN'T? Oh my god, you have to read it!"

Anyone who too wasn't an obsessive blogger/blog reader would have killed themselves. The people having dinner next to us were 100% suicidal.
Allyson (from Mimosas in the Morning) & Haley from (Style Sound)

Paige from Awake & Me, Rachel Bilson from The. O.C
After dinner Allyson and I went back to my house and played with my web cam;

Overall, a great night! And now it's time to start back to packing.....Someone come over and help me!


  1. Umm I wish I was there I LOVE those bloggy "OMG did you see that post" dinners

  2. haha! that sums it up pretty accurately :) i forgot i owe you a blogger list - my bad, i suck. coming soon!



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