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The Story of Macy and Nicholas

The week we found out we were getting Macy was a tumultuous one. Not only was I about to kick off The Houston Blogger Symposium, a huge blogging conference that I had been organizing for months, but Danny was scheduled to fly out the next week. His little sister was having a baby in Denver and he was going to be there for the birth.

When we got the phone call from the adoption agency, however, that there was a birthmother who wanted to meet us and that she too was due NEXT WEEK we didn't know what to do. We met with the birthmother and felt good about her and the situation in general. That said, in adoption, 25% of the time birthparents change their mind. Nothing is official until 48 hours after the baby has been born and relinquishment papers have been signed.

So Danny and I had a dilemma:

-Did he go to Denver, possibly risking his presence at the birth of our own baby - knowing our own birthmother could go into labor at any time?

-Or did he stay in Houston and miss his nephew's birth - possibly in vein should our adoption fall through.

Danny went to Denver. He figured he could always turn around immediately should something happen in Houston. And it did - but at the perfect moment. Danny was in the tarmac at Hobby airport (after returning from a 36 hour stint in Denver) when he got a call from the adoption agency. Our birthmother was being induced the next morning!

Danny's mom was blessed with two grandchildren, a boy and a girl, within 48 hours of each other.

This weekend the cousins, Nicholas and Macy, met for the first time and it was really special. Special for the parents anyway - Macy and Nicholas were significantly more interested in their toys than they were each other. =)

THE END...Though if you liked hearing stories like this, you can buy my book upon its release in  August. =)


  1. They look like chubby little twins!

  2. Adorable and heartwarming! Baby muffin tops are the best.

  3. Dawwwwwwwwwwwww! That is just too precious. You handled that stressful time like a champ, homegirl. I CAN'T WAIT FOR YOUR BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!

  4. Love this! Macy is so adorable and you sound like a fantastic (and hilarious) mom.

  5. First time visitor here. Amazing, amazing story! All happened just at the right time.

  6. Macy is already asserting her dominance. Good for her! Gotta whip those boy cousins into shape EARLY!
    Looking forward to your book!!! Can I pre-order?


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