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Memorial Day

Memorial Day was perfect this year. Not just because we spent it poolside (though that helped) but because Danny's family, who we were celebrating with, has heavy military roots. Spending the day with someone who will be deploying to Afghanistan come August (we love you Eric) is a powerful reminder of why you have the day off work.
Though we had a little fun too as my niece, Jessie, and I are demonstrating on this raft.

Mermaid Macy.

Jessie isn't just a cutie but she can sing - watch her throw down at her school's talent show here.
Of course leave it to my husband to have too much fun.
Though I can't talk. I violated his poor donkey.

This is how we do!

Birthday celebrations also took place.

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate frosting. I wanted to eat about nine pieces - I was able to hold myself to three.

This post is dedicated to everyone in the military; Eric, his wifey Christine, the other Eric =), his wife Antonia, my cousin Jonathan Collins, the patient squadron I spoke for at the Lackland AirForce Base, and any other military reading this. Thank you all for your service.


  1. Chocolate on chocolate cake? That's the only way to go. YUM.

  2. my son just deployed to Afghanistan! Camp Leatherneck.

  3. my son just deployed to Afghanistan! Camp Leatherneck.


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