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Rollin in the Deep

My 13 year old niece, Jessie, recently performed in her middle school's talent show. She chose an Adele classic, "Rolling in the Deep".  Seconds into this video you'll realize, however, that her Stage Aunt (me) is going to be rolling in the dough.
Jessie is bound for super stardom and I can only hope when she's old enough for The Voice she'll be on Blake Shelton's team. (So I can meet him.)

Because now  you're dazzled and surely wanting more from this 13 year old prodigy, you can watch this video we made together last year. Jessie is also in this post I wrote over Christmas.
P.S. I bought her that shirt she's wearing which obviously means that I had some sort of involvement in the performance.
P.P.S. Jessie - I'm so immensely proud of you that I can even write this without the waterworks. You have such a good heart and I love you so much. Please don't change this or become "too cool"  as you become older/go to Hollywood.  If you do, I'll sell a very obnoxious story to US Weekly about you. XOXO, Aunt Megan


  1. Seriously, this girl is legit! Awesome voice!

  2. Why am I crying watching this? She is so good and so confident! I love it!

    1. Aww thank u that is so sweet , hi I'm jessie the girl who is singing in that video I can not lie I swore to my friends I thought I was going to spaz and have a seizure on that stage!!! Lol I'm just kiding put thank the good lord I didn't cause that place was packed !! But thank u very much.

  3. Wow Megan, she is amazing! You must be a very proud auntie!!


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