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Miranda from Shop & Twirl recently interviewed me for a running series on her blog. She grilled me on the intricacies of blogging; what's most rewarding about, what's not, how I started Greetings from Texas in the first place, and more! Hop on over and check out the interview here.  
(Click here to read the interview)

P.S. Did I mention Miranda is super cool? In addition to being a fellow Houstonian blogger she's a researcher at MD Anderson!! I plan to hunt her down and jump on her bunson burner during my next visit - really figure some shit out! Until then, keep up the good work Miranda!


  1. Thanks so much Megan! I don't technically have a bunson burner, but I can talk to you about your feelings...or help you start an exercise program...or help you quit smoking (I know, not nearly as exciting as a bunson burner).

  2. Checking it out now! Thanks for sharing. I love fellow Houston bloggers :)


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