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98 Degrees Outfit Post

After reading the September issues of Vogue and Elle all weekend I'm officially ready for fall fashion. Too bad its 98 degrees here in Houston today. (It's also too bad that 98 degrees, the boy band, broke up. Loved them.)

  This dress, which I graciously picked up from Lulus at TXSC , is a good seasonal  compromise as the print says "fall "but the maxi style says "it's f-ing hot out here."
*Note - I got this dress from Lulus but they appear to be sold out. I found it here at Zappos though.

 Photography - Awake Your Soul

I also love the hippie aesthetic this dress has going on which was fitting given these pics were taken by my bestie, Paige, who also has some hippie traits. One example being that she's raising chickens in her backyard!

Cluck, cluck, cluck...
I was afraid to hold this chicken at first. I tend to be more comfortable with dogs. But she was actually a pretty nice chicken which is good because her name is Macy! (Named after my Macy!)
Who has thoughts? Like the dress? Like 98 degrees? Are you a vegan and f-ing hate this post! Talk to me!


  1. Awww look at Macy, making her first public appearance! That a beaut, both of you. I love this look!

  2. Love the dress! 98 degrees was probably my least favorite boy band (sorry). Macy is the best name ever (it's my maiden name, so I'm biased). And my friends have chickens, so I'm impressed that you were brave enough to pick one up. I steer clear because I'm sure they will attack me.

  3. I love that dress! The lace inset is my favorite part, so cute! And props to you for picking up a chicken because I think I'd be terrified!

  4. I love that hippie chic look on you. The headband is very cute. Love that chicken too! Reminds me of my dream last night where I had a pet raccoon the size of a hedgehog....

  5. 98 degrees are back together! They toured with NKOTB (don't hate on my boys! :-) ) this summer and are recording a new album. Shocked? :-)

  6. Proof they're back together!

  7. 98 degrees did tour with NKOTB and Boys II Men this summer but let me be 100% honest, their performance kinda sucked, at least at the concert in Dallas.


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