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Telephone Thai

For years now Danny has been bragging to me about this lunch place he's frequents while at work called "Telephone Thai". Yesterday I finally made him take me. As we cruised over to the restaurant, Danny attempted to pump me up for our imminent dining experience while I snapped a few selfies.

"Alright babe. Are you ready?" Danny asked. "This place is super authentic. I mean, they shut for a month every year just so they can go to Vietnam to get special ingredients." he told me enthusiastically.

"Vietnam?" I asked. "I thought this place was Thai."

"Well whatever." he said and got annoyed. (Especially when he realized my gas light was on and we wouldn't be going to any restaurant, regardless of its Asian roots, unless we pulled over and got gas.

We finally made it to "Telephone Thai" and I my initial impression was confusion as the place we parked at was called something different.

"Are we walking the rest of the way?" I asked. "I'm in heels." 

But Danny explained that "Telephone Thai" was just its nickname because it was located on "Telephone" street.

The atmosphere was reminiscent of your local VFW.
Maybe they can pick up some decorations next time they're in "Vietnam".
Despite our 1pm arrival time at the restaurant, we still had to wait in line for a table. Danny was starving and super eager for our meal to come. I was too, as I'd really gone out on a limb and ordering the Pad Thai!!! I tried to distract Danny by taking his portrait, which he didn't appreciate.
I also tried to distract him from the lack of food by pretending my egg roll was a blunt. 
Finally our food came so Danny was happy.
And finally we left the ghetto in which Telephone Thai was located and I was happy. (Example below.)
My official opinion on Telephone Thai is that it was a fun place with good food. I'd for sure go back.
Have any of you Houston peeps heard of it or been there? Do tell!


  1. I've never heard of this place! Certainly an interesting part of town ha ha

    If you're ever on the Energy Corridor side of town (Eldridge/I-10) for breakfast/brunch you should check out Pastelitos Cafe .. super inexpensive ($5.95 for huge breakfasts) and yummy. I always get some pastelitos, the Huevos Rancheros and a cappuccino.. mm now I'm going to have to go tomorrow..

  2. love your local foodie posts!!! i totally wanna check this place now! houston love<3

  3. Girl I love your blog! First time commenting. I am fairly new to Houston, so keep up the Houston posts. (I am thinking of trying Margaritas to Go, because of you (which means I lost the ongoing debate between me and my boyfriend. Because I thought there was no way you could get Margaritas through a drive through stupid.) LOL. Now I know. C.L.R.

  4. HAHAHA eggroll blunt. dying. :D There are so many good thai places in Austin, if you're ever in town... Thai Passion on 7th & Congress. Same deal, non-discript, open till 3am & never disappoints.
    Lauren M.

  5. I've never heard of it but now I totally want some Pad Thai. Thanks for that!

  6. My fiance talks about this place A LOT. Apparently it's the #2 thai place in Houston, in Matthew's opinion, right after this Thai place (that I believe is called 'Thai Restaurant' very clever) in another not so nice area, BUT I have to say it's DELICIOUS. Seriously the best thai food I've ever had. I need to try this one, too, it seems!!!!!
    XO, Julie


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