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Excited to announce I'm doing another book signing in Houston! This one is going to be at my home away from home Langford Market! Stop by and have some bubbly, chat with me and the fam (I'll have to confirm if Booker is invited?!), and do a little shoppity shoppity at Langford. (And of course it goes without saying I'll sign your book!)  It's going to be fun - hope to see you there!


  1. Everyone should definitely get out there and get a book! I just finished it in a day because I couldn't put it down! Thanks Megan for sharing your story! PLEASE let us know if you will be in Austin! I still need to get MY signed copy! Our very good friends live in Round Rock and we often visit. Congratulations!!
    :) Carol Ostrowski

  2. Can we buy the books there?

  3. YES! I'm so pumped about this! I will definitely be there and will try to bring some friends to tag along. Yay Megan!

  4. I will be there! Invited some friends but not sure if they will be able to make it because it is last minute.


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