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Houston got some love on The Everygirl last week when fellow "H-tizzle" blogger, Ashley Rose and her gorgeous condo were featured in their "living" series.
Knowing Ashley (she attended the symposium and we've hung out at a mutual friends house) I was thrilled for her! And selfishly, I was thrilled for me because unlike some homes on The Everygirl that are curated with a lot of high end pieces, Ashley's airy aesthetic was achieved through countless DIY projects and Ikea hacks that even a non-crafty person like me can manage.
Below are some of my favorite shots from the feature (taken by Houston photographer Kimberly Chau that I'm now obsessed with too) but you'll for sure want to click over to The Everygirl to see the rest of the photos.  Alternatively, you can just come over to my house in about 4 - 6 months when I'll have hopefully ripped off her entire home by then. The choice is yours.
Congrats Ashley!

Those shelves are an Ikea hack in which I plan to tackle this week! Directions are here on Ashley's blog!



  1. I was obsessed with her home tour!! Such a classic looking place. :)

  2. I was so happy to see a local girl on Everygirl! I know some many Houston girls who have amazing style (i totally envy them) Obsess with how cute her home is. xx M

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