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Round Top Antiques Fair

This week I played hooky from my computer and let my friend Anna drive me 2 hours south into Farmland USA, better known to Texans as the Round Top Antiques Fair. I didn't really know what to expect but was excited when the view from my passenger seat transitioned from cows (moo) to capitalism (moo-lah)  in a matter of a mile.
The fair had tons of goodies; mostly furniture, home décor stuff, some vintage clothes, and other odds and ends. I wanted these Paris chairs badly but the physical labor aspect of getting them home intimidated me, as did the price tag.
 (These letters and this dresser were other favorites!)

 This is me taking a minute to collect myself as I was experiencing shopping euphoria, or more likely, heat stroke. It was 100+ degrees out and I was dying. The hallucinations were fun though.

Some people struggle with the lack of bathrooms when at Round Top. I was conveniently dehydrated from the heatstroke making that a non-issue for me. My concern was the dressing room situation, or a lack there of, which is what you're seeing here.

Of course I'm bias, but my favorite tent at the fair was Langford Market! And because this was Langford Market, "flea market style", all their merchandise was just $20!

Here I am with Miss Langford Market herself, Davina. Always great to see her as she's my pal. Also, FYI, if you're going to Round Top Sunday, for sure stop by Langford as their having a DIY event with fellow Houston blogger Ashley from Sugar & Cloth. Love her!
Most important? Langford Market has dressing rooms. Just saying.

Who is going to Round Top this weekend?
Bring me back those Paris chairs, k?


  1. I am quite jealous that you were in Round Top this week! I didn't realize this was going on until it was going on! Do you know if it's the same time every year? I'm going to have to look into this because I MUST go next year!! Looks like y'all had fun despite the heat & lack of dressing rooms! :)

  2. Hey! I love Round Top I went there last year and got some pie :). I live in Houston too! I thought It was a blogger who was getting her hair done and being photographed last saturday at the Dry Bar! Your blog is so cute, and It's becoming a daily read of mine!

  3. ha! population 77? I actually know a family that lives there! how often does the antiques fair go on? b/c i'm totally down.

  4. Hi Megan, I run a auction House in Kansas. Check out my web-site we take bids over the phone. And will ship items to you.


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