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Macy's Gymnastics Class

Macy started gymnastics yesterday.
And I suppose I did too. I didn't realize "the moms" were participants in the class as well. Had I known I wouldn't have worn an ensemble consisting of a strapless bra and tight ass jeans.

I have to say, it was good to be back in the gym. I told Danny to ask on our way out if they had "adult gymnastics" classes but he refused. Perhaps he was concerned they'd think he was in the interested party. I'd be fine if he wanted to join me though. I love a man on a pommel horse.
Macy 's passion for the sport, however, was secondary to the stray yoga ball she spotted and fixated on throughout the 45 minute class. If I let go of her for even a second she made a mad dash for the ball.

She was only temporarily distracted by the tramp.

And the pit.  Who doesn't love a good pit though?
I'll let you guys know when Danny and I have our first meet.
The End.
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  1. Such fun to see "The Family" event. Can remember when Lydia started Gymnastics. Wow - just a few years ago. :)
    Looking forward to YOUR first meet.

  2. how cute! I really want my kids to do gymnastics.

  3. Awww, Macy is too stinkin' cute! And the pit is a blast from the past - awesome. For some reason I feel compelled to tell you that I recently joined the gym and today I did the elliptical for TWO WHOLE Jay-Z songs. Go me!

  4. At least this gives you a great excuse to buy a leotard. Buy the craziest one as you want. And wear it to every class.


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