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New Business Cards & Other Design Ventures

I've been designing up a storm lately. The first project being my new business card.
 photo macy_zps40b0c5cb.jpg
Do you like it? I feel like it will enable me to conduct my business at an extremely high level come Alt Summit next week. After all, I'm nothing if not a businesswoman.
"I'm not a businesswoman. I'm a business, woman." - Megan Silianoff
In other design news, I'm almost done making over the Langford Market blog.

Note that we're currently hiring social media interns at Langford Market! If you live in Houston and are interested in working with me (I party!) email your resume to

And last but not least - if you have something (a blog, a business card, a logo, or perhaps a tattoo) peruse my pricing menu and email me accordingly. I'm excited to work with you, you cool person you.


  1. I bought to maxi dresses from Langford at TXSC and they are two of my fav dresses! didn't know you worked for them! :D
    Lauren M.

  2. I'm planning a blogger party with Langford in The Woodlands for March! You should totally come ;)

  3. Are you sure you know what "I party" means?

  4. Business Card design looks really good!

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