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Sundance Baby

This just in - I got a ticket to The Sundance Film Festival! HOLLER! (Are people still saying holler?) I've wanted to attend Sundance my entire life. More accurately I've wanted to attend ever since watching the Entourage episode where the boys go to see Vince's Medillin premiere.

Sundance tickets are super hard to come by especially considering my Alt Schedule, which is why I'll be in town in the first place. Upon perusing the ticketing site however, I found a showing of "The Girl from Nagasaki" that I thought I could make work. I figured "Girl from Nagasaki" would be like a sequel to Memoirs of a Geisha or something and very much within my wheelhouse. With any luck this "Girl from Nagasaki" would find a "boy from Nagasaki" and live happily ever after.

It was only after booking the non-refundable ticket that I decided to do subsequent research on the film. See what celebs were in it, the director, perhaps purchase some Girl From Nagasaki paraphernalia- surely they have hoodies and stuff like that, like they do at Broadway shows, no?

I googled the film and SWEAR TO GOD this is the first picture that came up.
*Please note that I'm not kidding.

Who is this Girl from Nagasaki?? From the photo, she seems a little slutty.

Other tidbits I learned in my research include that the film is in Japanese.

Sundance........... baby.
*Said meekly and with considerably less enthusiasm than at the beginning of this post.


  1. OH MY GOD I AM DYING. i love you. have so much fun :)

  2. I concur, Oh. My. God. you're hysterical. I did Sundance last year and be prepared to find Park City a dinky (though charming) town. The movies aren't even screened in actual theaters, except one (which is of course, charming), but rather at health clubs and school auditoriums. It's not at all like I envisioned, but still a good time. I'll be at Alt also, perhaps we'll pass in the halls.

  3. winning!!!! right?! so awkward...and intriguing...and you wanna see it but you don't wanna see any more!!


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