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Macy's Parisian Nursery Tour

Bonjour dear readers! I'm speaking French today as you'll be receiving a tour of Macy's Parisian inspired nursery. Macy and I were honored to have her room featured on Ruche's blog last week but thought we'd share supplemental pictures today.
For those of you who are new to my blog, my husband and I adopted Macy 1.5ish years ago through an adoption agency in Austin, Texas. We watched her brave birthmother deliver Macy and it's been a whirlwind ever since. To get the full scoop on our story you can check out my book.
But let's get on with the room tour, shall we?
Meet your tour guide,  Macy.
Nevermind. She looks like she's lacking the necessary stamina.

Here's Macy in her rocking chair. I got it at an antique store for $35. It was quite sad when I found it but with a can of spray paint and a trip to a shady, yet cheap, upholstery place - we had ourselves a good looking rocker.

This C'est Magnifique wallpaper set the European/Parisian theme that I wanted. Because of the busy print -I only hung three pieces of artwork on the wall. The rocking horse picture you see on the right is especially special to us as it was a gift from Macy's birth family.

As was this rocking horse. It fit in with the inspiration of the room perfectly. That's how adoption rolls though - everything just works out the way its supposed to - apparently right down to the nursery décor.

My friend Kirsten brought this Biggie poster to my attention when she saw it on Society 6. I bought it immediately and can't wait to teach Macy about the Big Punisher. I keep Macy's Eiffel Tower earrings in the frame - a gift from Ruche!

 People always ask me if I plan on piercing Macy's ears. I'd love to pierce Macy's earrings but I feel like it's not my place and it's a decision she'll need to make.
I'm hoping when she's older she'll ask me to get them pierced and I'll be like "Sure - but you have to earn it. Clean your room, then clean my room, then I'll take you." That's how parenting works - no?
This bistro table is an antique heirloom in Danny's family. It's been passed on generation after generation. It's been a variety of colors throughout its lifetime. Danny's sister painted it red most recently to match Macy's wallpaper. Macy spends a lot of time violently banging her tea cup on the table.

This is the shelf above Macy's changing table. Perhaps you recognize the bear from our Lulu & Georgia dining room makeover video. It's such a versatile piece. I love it!

 Macy's elephant lamp is from World Market. The letters are from Anthro.

Alright guys - I hate to do this but you have to leave now. Macy needs to take a nap which you can see she's thrilled about. Au revoir!

*Now head over to Ruche's blog to get their take on Macy's room! Spoiler alert: they've incorporated an Eiffel tower sweatshirt that I need to purchase asap!



  1. I love Macy's nursery! It's so fun! That BIG poster is awesome, too.

  2. Oohlala! I'm in love with Macy and her amazing nursery Megan!

  3. This is sooo beautiful! I'm totally against wallpaper because I don't want to have to be the one to remove it, but this is fabulous. It would make me cave for sure. :)

  4. That is hands down the best nursery I have ever seen! It's a room that will grow with her. And Paris! Paris is one of my top obsessions right now!

  5. Her nursery turned out so great! I love everything. Can Macy come decorate my apartment??

  6. Hey Megan! I love Macy's room! She is darling. So nice to meet you at txsc!


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