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Please enjoy and have a cool weekend.
Lylas, Megan

If you've not watched the address in which Ellen Page comes out, you need to do that now. I sobbed. It was so moving, so eloquent, so powerful. Good for her.

And because you'll need something less heavy after that, watch Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon doing this choreographed dance called "The Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing." Awesome.

Fellow bloggers, I loved this post by Julie from Orchid Grey on blogging ruts.

Have you guys heard of Rent the Runway? I signed up last night. I'm going to rent a dress for my friend Lucy's wedding. It's affordable (for some dresses) and I love that they show you normal girls in the dresses - in addition to a model. That way you can tell how the dress will look on your 5'2 frame, for instance, - ensuring there are no sizing issues.

I need a new book. Any suggestions?



  1. Book - if you like fiction, Cinnamon and Gunpowder by Eli Brown.

  2. Saw the Will Smith/Jimmy Fallon skit earlier this week, loved it! I rented a dress for ALT from Rent the Runway and had a great experience too - original dress arrived and didn't fit so they overnighted a replacement at no charge - and ended up loving my new dress!

  3. Megan, I just read this great book titled "99 problems but a baby ain't one" you should read it!! I know you will love it!!!

  4. Me Before You by JoJo Moyes is an awesome book!


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