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Thanks for Sharing

Heyyyyy everyone! How was your weekend and all that?

I spent mine in Florida visiting my Dad. After a bustling weekend agenda I declared last night "movie night" and purchased Thanks for Sharing, a romcom starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo for us to watch. Though I temporarily considered a movie about sex addiction was a poor choice for the father/daughter demo, it was a secondary to  "OMG!!!! Gwyneth Paltrow??? BUY NOW!".
Know what's weird? Watching a movie about sex addition with your Dad. Next time I'll go with an old standby like Schindler's List or something.

But less about that and more about my red romper.
Two words. Urban Outfitters.
Four words. Also comes in white.
Six words. Photography by the amazing Meg Cady.

I've actually got quite the CPW (cost per wear) going with this romper. I wore it at Alt Summit, my Madewell party, and Lucy's Casino party. And because I'm going to be in Florida a while longer, I'm sure it'll get some more wear. No more movie nights though.


Has anyone else seen Thanks for Sharing? Please share if so.



  1. When Mean Girls came out I watched it with my parents. I wanted the couch to swallow my high school self up and never spit me back out. This also regrettably happend with Crazy Stupid Love (Damn you Ryan Gosling). Clearly I get ya.
    Also your hot.

  2. !!!!! still can't get over this romper! and ps: yeah - i watched sex and the city 2 with my grandmother and her friends, followed by lunch where they casually talked about blow jobs - totes awkward ;)

  3. This romper is where it's at. Also, I really wish we lived in the same town because the only thing better than reading your blog would be sharing awkward parental stories in person over drinks. xx


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