Annnnd another home make-over project begins. We need our own HGTV series over here. Just three months after our dining room makeover with Lulu & Georgia, we've decided that my office is the next 'room de resistance'. This weekend we cleared everything out which I documented accordingly.

Here's a pic of the room (and our house in general) to give you some context. 
This is actually a picture from the reality website that the house was listed on before we bought it.
The previous home owners used the space as an exercise room. We know because they told us fifty-four times. To the point where I was convinced this Vietnamese woman thought I was obese and dying from an elevated body mass index.  

"And dis room? Yoo Exercise!" she'd bellow while acting out key aerobic moves to make sure the message was not lost in the language barrier.

"Yes! I exercise" - I answered back doing a leg left to prove that I both understood and still had control over my limbs, despite her implications of me being so fat.

More riveting details on the makeover to come. I'll be filming a tour of the finished space with some cool people and brands so it's gonna be legit. Keep it tuned. 



  1. Oh good cause I have something for you that will be perfect for this space! I

  2. I am convinced we are kin. I cleaned out my office last week and am redoing too! "Redoing" as in I took everything out and have been staring at it for the past five days and imagining what it'd look like if I had an extra ten grand...


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