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I've been tinkering on my book website for the last 48 hours. If you've never seen it, or haven't seen it in a while, check 'er out. Lots of new stuff on there including upcoming signings I'll be doing - one in Houston on May 3rd and one in Plano, Texas (suburb of Dallas) the beginning of summer. (Date TBA.) I've never really spent time in Dallas so I'm especially excited about that latter one. If you have recs on what I should do hit me up in the comments section!
-Last night Danny and I shot a little video for a product review I'm doing with Shark. More accurately, I shot the video and then he did one, mocking everything I had just done. Let's see if he's still laughing when I post that one too.
-My home office makeover is almost done! It's being sponsored by Lamps Plus and its been confirmed that Miss Chelsie Moss is going to be involved in the shooting process. Eeee!
-  I'm working on my fitness via a company called Peerfit. So far I've only attended a spin class but they're scheduling subsequent classes for me including a Israeli fighting class. I can only assume that one session will give me enough material to write a 2nd memoir.  
- Last but not least, I'm conducting a science experiment this weekend in New Orleans for my brother's 30th birthday to see how much champagne my liver can hold. This is a personal project but I plan to write about it afterwards making it a professional endeavor as well. I'm nothing if not a business woman.




  1. If you think one weekend of champagne consumption is bad, travel west on 1-10 and visit Fiesta San Antonio (which begins this weekend). Liver transplant guaranteed. God, please help me.

  2. While Dallas is not quite as cool as Austin, if you must go there, as a former resident, here are a few dope places to check out...
    If you are taking the kiddo, check out the Dallas Arboretum
    North Park Mall has some really great shops, but so does the Galleria in Houston, so you decide
    There's the whole "where kennedy was shot", grassy knoll, 6th floor museum hoopla, if you're into that
    The Perot Museum & Klyde Warren Park are both supposed to be really awesome, but haven't been to either of them
    But let's get to the important stuff... food:
    For a good burger theres Angry Dog, Twisted Root, Jakes, Hopdoddy, Coppell Deli
    Best breakfast tacos in town are at Fuel City - yes, a gas station
    Wanna stuff yourself with all you can eat fried chicken and chicken friend steak? then Babe's is your place
    I'm a big fan of the Bishop Arts District - it's funky and hip and it's also home to Tillman's Roadhouse and their tableside s'mores - mmm delish! And Lockhart's BBQ, probably the best BBQ I've had in the big D.
    If you're in the mood for a nice steak, you can't go wrong with Nick and Sam's - seriously, the best steak EVER
    Mexican is a tough one, people will tell you to go to Joe T Garcia's in Ft. Worth, and while the atmosphere is cool, the food itself is just meh, and El Finex is kind of a Dallas institution, but when you've had Pappacito's, honestly nothing else is good enough :( Our fav little hole in the wall joint is called Ole's in Coppell, es pretty good, and there's also Baja Grill in Grapevine, it's kind of the bees knees as well.
    Speaking of Grapevine, it's a really cool little area with lots of shops and wineries - I would have to recommend checking out Farina's if you find yourself down there - excellent wine selection/tasting.
    Anyway, that's all I can think of right now - hope it helps! BTW - you should totes come to Austin!

  3. ahhhh can't wait! ill get my people to get with your people regarding my diva demands. #celebrity

  4. Very cool! I hope to see you at your signing in Plano:) And might I add to the Dallas foodie list... Liberty Burger, Pecan Lodge (barbecue), Pepe & Mitos (Tex-Mex). So many choices!


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