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Friends with Benefits - Chipper Things Etsy Shop

Friend with benefits. That's what I have with Becky Murphy, owner of Chipper Things Etsy Shop. And while Becky and I don't make out (yet anyway) her friendship yielded me two of my favorite prints from her shop.
I hung the Should I wash my hair print in my newly renovated guest room! The room is not fully done - it still needs a few finishing touches (small things like flooring) but I'm fully up Danny's ass about it and hope to share the transformation soon.

The Hey, Guess What! Anything Can Happen print is in my dining room cabinet - a room many of you are familiar with from my Lulu & Georgia makeover video. 

Becky currently has seven illustrations in her collection - so check out the other five here. When you order they come on very quality, sturdy paper. When I've ordered from Society 6 or something in the past that wasn't the case so two points for Becky.

And here comes the real sexual part. You and me, dear reader, are officially "friends with benefits" too because Greetings from Texas readers get 25% of from Becky's shop! Bow chica wow wow. Just enter the code 25yall upon checkout. It expires next Thursday (July 3rd) so pull the trigger now!


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