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Sum, Sum, Summertime

It's officially summer! I know because there is NOTHING on TV and because Macy and I made our inaugural trip of the season to the neighborhood pool.
Macy played in fancy new "splash pad" (that I assume our monthly assessments purchased) and the kiddie pool (that I assume is incessantly polluted with pee.) 

I only got in the water once - for good reason - when Macy was mildly drowning. She fell in the 2 feet deep kiddie pool and though I obviously rescued her (MOM OF THE YEAR!) I purposely waited a millisecond to see if she'd be able to get up on her own.

Eventually some other moms came to the pool and chatted amongst themselves. While they acknowledged me and were cool about Macy wanting to climb them, they didn't necessarily invite me to join their conversation. I wasn't sad, per se, but definitely left hoping that I'd make a friend by the end of the summer. Mostly so I could ask them to babysit upon the return of my fall programming. (The thought of watching The Mindy Project in peace makes me cry.)

As I put Macy in her car seat to drive the 1 block home, (my carbon footprint is big) I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror.

I don't know if these shots really do the mascara massacre (such wordplay!) justice.

It was down my cheeks and overall just a really a dramatic statement.
This picture shows it better....


Who knows if this is why the moms were hesitant to embrace me?  And who knows if we would have struck up a friendship anyway. I thought I overheard prolific chatter about church whereas my conversational passions are centered around celebrity culture - Kourtney K's recently announced pregnancy for example.

All this self indulgent storytelling to say it's summer y'all! Enjoy!


  1. They were like, "Who's that abused lady at the kiddie pool? Hurt people hurt people, ladies."

  2. haha I once met with a client with a similar makeup situation, but mine was from sweat. Less sexy, I know. Loved this post! I always look forward to your post! Xo. MJP

  3. I've seen Macy's swimsuit around - where is it from? I can't seem to find it :/

  4. Please refer any and all single moms to my blog. It's very educational... Well not yet, but it will get there.

  5. Very cute!! Do we need a make-up tutorial? :-)

  6. ALWAYS happens to me. You look hhaawwwttt.

  7. Hi Megan, you're right summer has finally come and I can already feel the excitement of people to simply enjoy Texas outdoors and the sun! Your daughter is very lovely, and you too even with that wornout mascara! :)

  8. I feel like we need to be friends! My daughter is around the same age as Macy and we live in West Houston over in the energy corridor - I can invite ourselves over to the splashpad :)


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