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As you read this I'm en route to New York. My dad's girlfriend's daughter (got that?) is in a play and I'm going to watch! More exciting than that, I'm staying at the Ritz! I didn't say that to brag....wait.....I did actually. My bad.
I'm staying at the Ritz because my cousin is some sort of financial, real estate, banking prodigy and stays at places like the Ritz when she travels for work. I'm going to bunk with her and we're going to drink NY straight out of champagne. And then pedialyte. In that order.
These links made me happy this week. Hopefully they do the same for you! See you on the other side of the big apple. XO, Megan

- Possibly the best book I've ever read. Crazy Rich Asians is like the Asian version of Gossip Girl in that its a fun, scandalous, wealth obsessed reprieve from life.

-Make your own flavored coffee at home! This is genius and I'm currently marinating a cinnamon brew. I'm gonna call it, wait for it,  "Megan's Cinnamon Coffee."

- My friend Alicia's company (Hi Alicia!) has the cutest pineapple gift wrap on their blog.
And IT'S FREE! You just download it and print it. Again, it's free!!!!!!

- Save the date for Wednesday, July 17th at 7pm! Becky Murphy and I are teaming up (again) to give a presentation at Blue Willow Bookstore. Details to come but if you want to pre-order a signed copy of my book you can do that here

- Not often does a blog post make me "lol" but this one did.

- I bought this romper to wear in NYC. I'll let you know how it works out.

- Technology prevails! You can now "shop" my (and other peoples) instagram posts. Just enter your email here and then when you "like" my posts - the link for that item will be sent to your inbox. I'm doing this will all my favorite bloggers and it's amazing. (And expensive!)

- Kirsten's savory watermelon salad. Just watermelon, basil, pepper, and feta cheese. Nailed it!

- I'll never buy another brand of mascara again. Though its not waterproof as I found out here.

*I'm sure I'll be instagrammin like crazy in NY. Follow me here!


  1. Hi Megan! Thanks for sharing the project and have an AWESOME time in NY.

  2. I'm a BIG fan of the tubing mascara (Stila, Fiberwig, Double Extend), they are pretty much the bees knees, if you haven't tried it, go, go now. Oh and you are going to rock that jumper :)


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