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Life Status Update

Annnnnd I'm back!! Without boring you with copious details, my surgery was a success. It's not 100% until we get the pathology back but my doctor feels confident all will be well. So party time!

I got home from the the hospital this weekend. I've been trying to lay low, not walk, etc.  but my self diagnosed ADHD makes it difficult. Last night, however, my mother-in-law told me if I don't stay in bed, my stomach won't heal properly and will look fucked up for the rest of my life. (I'm paraphrasing in an extremely non verbatim way.) I don't know if she was lying or just knew I'd be most receptive to the vanity angle. Either way, I've been scared straight.

My experience at MD Anderson was great, per usual. A lot of my friends stopped by and my extensive nursing team was so sweet. Similarly, Danny was saintly throughout the week save one night when he and his friend, Brad, snuck a 6 pack of Coors Light into my room, as though I was in a college dorm and not our nations most prestigious cancer hospital. I forced Brad to take their empties with him upon his departure but I think the nurses heard him clink on out, as I was released the very next day. They were probably like we need to get this alcoholic slore out. (Which I can't blame them for. Coors Light? Please. If you're gonna smuggle beer into a hospital, at least buy something imported. Corona perhaps, with limes. Nothing else is worth the effort.)

So that's about it.

Cancer relapse number 3, that's a wrap.
Here a few more pics from the week; 
Me and Mace cavalierly sharing a chocolate milkshake in bed.
Incase you wanted to know what I looked like on morphine.
 Our sweet baby girl playing with my "spirometer" which is better described as a breathing bong.

Sweet Lucy Lou & Miriam.

Me organizing my pills. I'm on track to finish in early 2019.

All jokes aside: I'm so happy, so lucky, so grateful, and ready to live my beautiful life in full stride soon!

P.S. If for some reason you're interested in my cancer history, here is the thread to all my previous posts about the subject. And this video produced by MDA pretty much sums it up too.

P.P.S. Thank you for the overwhelming outpour of texts, emails, and social media love. It's extremely humbling. XO, Megan



  1. Love you! So happy to read this, xo

  2. I think that you are incredible! How do you look so beautiful on morphine???

  3. I don't know you but as a fellow Texan and blog fan, I think a hell yeah! Is in order.

  4. Be a good patient and rest let all your family take care of you.The pictures of you and Macy are so sweet.

  5. I'd say you deserved a nice microbrewery beer after that stay in the hospital. Coors! Sniff.
    So glad you doing well.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  6. Thanks Sweet Baby J for taking care of a beautiful girl inside and out! You are amazing, Megan! You're an inspiration and I mean that! Wishing you continued healing and good health! XO

  7. SOOOO happy to read this and hear that all is good. You are SUCH an inspiration. LOVE your attitude. MISS your face!! SEE YOU SOON. xoxo, Julie

  8. so glad you are well. i feel like a horrible e-friend only catching your instagram posts at the tail end of your hospital stay! you are so strong!!


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