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Halloween came and went without a hitch.

Macy went as 'Princess Anna' and we took Olaf trick or treating as well just for context. 
No need however as we found a much better option shortly into our voyage. This little boy and his parents didn't speak English so there was a bit of a language barrier in terms of why I was grabbing their son. I assume they knew I was just going for the photo opp and not trying to date him? Guess I'll just have to live with that ambiguity and possible stigma. #tocatchapredator 

Mace with her fire fighting cousin, Nicholas. Read about their story here.

We had a few "scary" occurrences while trick or treating which I suppose was apropos. Macy was extremely afraid of this blow-up feline (right). I was more frightened later in the night, right as darkness set in. SUDDENLY, out of nowhere, Macy's diaper came off and her Mom didn't bring a back-up one. Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Princess Anna went commando for the rest of the evening which was especially TERRIFYING every time I had to hold her.

Later in the night my friends and I indulged in some Halloween festivities ourselves. I pulled out my extensive costume box and soon a mariachi, sexy sailor, and "androgynous city worker" were born.
And then we may have tried to scare trick or treaters.

It's definitely wasn't as crazy as Halloween used to be back in the day, but given I'm a mom in my thirties, it was decent.



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