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Trick or Treat FROZEN Drinking Game

It's come to my attention that Macy isn't the only one dressing up as Anna for Halloween. While this might make me a bad mom in terms of creativity, it presents a unique opportunity to thrive in other parts of personality, specifically the "draaanks" portion.

Full disclosure, my neighbor Anastaja is the one that told me about this game, who she heard from another person. But I'll take credit for translating the loose concept visually through the above graphic. I like to think of it as charity or my societal contribution. (*Note to self - Consider creating a receipt to turn in come tax season for possible deductions?)

Our plans for tomorrow night begin with trick-or-treating promptly at 5. We plan to see that through until toddler exhaustion occurs which I see happening anywhere between 5:15 and 5:30. We'll then head return to the house to promptly begin this respective game. I think I'll put on the Frozen soundtrack, just as a festive touch. Lastly, I'm hoping/imagining that our friends Jill & Jeremy and Mr. Mark Krenek will join us in the festivities. I haven't had the time to formally invite them, I've been too busy sourcing images for Olaf's above blunt,  but guys - if you're reading this. Come over.

Happy Halloween Eve everyone!
P.S. Speaking of Halloween, this was my most popular instagram post to date. It made me very proud to be a woman. I felt extremely connected to my gender as the prolific comments of grief & commissary rolled in.
P.P.S. Speaking of Frozen, these girls are slutty but I'm only saying that cuz I'm jealous that I didn't see this time to buy the costume myself.
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