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Crystals for Christmas + A Giveaway

   Dear Males, I'm going to tell you what your girlfriend/wife/lover wants for Christmas. 

Jewelry. She wants jewelry. All girls want jewelry. You don't have to put a ring on it - or perhaps you already did. But no female person is gonna be disappointed if you hand her a small box Christmas morning, look her in the eye, and say something meaningful. Like "you complete me". Or "I love you and I like you." Then, if you're position to do so, follow that gift up with tickets to Paris (Vietnam in my case would work too) and she'll for sure have sex with you.

Let me break it down for you even further. You should buy what I'm wearing (Spotlight Collar Necklace//Crystal Ice Earrings // Golden Ice Bracelet ) They are all pieces by TouchstoneCrystal by Swarovski - a direct sales jewelry division.  (Think Mary Kay, Lia Sophia, Young Living Essential Oils.) It's a program where you, dear reader, can become a consultant and earn substantial income and discounts by hosting Touchstone Crystal events. 

And now let's take a temporary break to discuss these photos. I'm giving a lot of advice in this post. In the spirit of that, I wouldn't normally advise a 33 year old woman just rolling off major abdominal surgery to debut a midriff baring outfit pic on her blog. Yet here it is. It happened spontaneously - I had planned on just taking this pic where my stomach would be covered. But I had the jewelry with me, was showing Paige, and we decided to kill two birds with one stone.
In response to my apprehension, Paige offered to photoshop out my scar but something about that felt perverse.  I'm not embarrassed by it and photoshopping it doesn't reflect that sentiment. But I don't know - I'm old and have always been insecure about stomach even pre-scar. But because I'm old I think I care less. As much as I want this blog to continue to grow its readership, I am keeping it for me. This is the scrapbook of my life. Macy's life. I think its cool to have such an amazing photographer capture this fleeting moment. My scar will fade but hopefully Godaddy won't and I can look back on this one day from my space car while en route to the local Houston weed commissary. 

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*Paige Budde of Awake Photography took these pictures in her home.  She is a great photographer, great interior designer, and the only person I know that can do the worm.

*This was a sponsored post but the thoughts and specific content was of my own creative volition, most likely to Swarovski's dismay.



    Glad you kept the scar! It is interesting, beautiful, and YOU!

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    -Zoe Quezada
    PS- love your blog btw. Keep up the good work :)


    Thank you for the laughter every blog post and keeping it real!

  4. Rock that scar! #showsyouretough


    awesome post, as always.


    You look great!

  7. YOU. ARE. AWESOME. That scar is nothing to be ashamed of! Good for you! I had an ex-lap fourteen years ago to remove an ovarian tumor and the affected ovary/tube. The scar didn't bother me but I vividly remember thinking it would NEVER go away. I'm happy to report that it faded COMPLETELY. Totally faint line, can't see it, can't feel it. Other doctors have questioned whether I've actually had abdominal surgery until they read my chart. I wish the same for you!

  8. Already follow you on Insta, obvi :)
    Another fab post, keep it up! You are an inspiration and make me laugh with every. single. post.

  9. Thank you for sharing your story with others. You are truly inspirational, with a great sense of humor! I already follow you in instagram. Email:

  10. Following on Instagram.

  11. Thumbs up for showing the scar!

  12. I follow you!

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  14. So beautiful, girlfriend recently prepared a birthday, intends to buy copies of jewelry to give her a surprise, she is more like swarovski, but I do not know that the swarovski sale style looks better, you to the point.


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