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The Houston Rodeo

This weekend was the best! My cousin Jessie came to Houston and instead of taking her to Cheeky Vintage per usual, I took to her to the highly cultural experience that is the Houston rodeo. Her being a Yankee, and me a Yankee at heart, we were able to turn to one another, literally, when we saw or experienced something that seemed fucked up. (Or to be more eloquent, "didn't resonate with our Midwestern narratives.") 

The balls on these cows/cattle/bulls/whatever were truly astonishing. I'm saying this as a person who's seen Machu Piccu, The Great Wall of China, and prolific Beyonce concerts. These things, compared to the ginormous cow balls, were just "meh".

And the "piece de resistance" - a video of a little girl being hurled off a sheep/lamb. (They're the same, right?) Please, dear readers - this is truly something I need more information about. Who are these kids? Are they farm kids who do this all the time? Or just suburban Houston kids that are brave? Do you have to sign a "i won't sue if my kid dies" waiver? Please enlighten me and Jess in the comments section because we want to learn everything we possibly can about it.

Have a good day kids! XO, Megan



  1. My son is 5...lives in the city...attends an all boys catholic school and has never touched a sheep in his life. He was relentless about doing this, so I signed his life away on that yellow slip of paper last week. Not that I really wanted him to do that but the alternative was a pissed off 5 year old in cowboy boots. Not a site I want to deal off he went. I thought for sure he would back out at the last minute and I'd be out $15 but he went through with it! He rode that darn sheep, ShamWow, all the way down to the end and got 96 points. He won't eh championship belt buckle and was SO proud. I was transported into some alternate universe and was jumping up and down like a crazy farmers wife that had just won the prized pig. Ha.

    1. Oh my gosh - amazing! So it is anyone who wants to do it. Fascinating! I hope Macy will do it one day!

  2. Follow me on Instagram to see pics of this victory belt buckle he won JSTREH

  3. And that should say "he won the championship belt buckle"

  4. AHHHH - mutton busting. Just the norm for farm kids I guess - growing up in Iowa I didn't realize things like this weren't commonplace :) Here ya go -

  5. This is great! I'm moving back to Texas after 9 years- and these photos made me feel at home :0

  6. In Alberta, we call children being hurled from sheep "mutton busting"! It is a thing here too.

  7. This is really funny. I grew up on a ranch and we totally did this growing up all the time. My dad used to put us on backwards so we didn't get trampled when we fell off, very sweet of him. My brother is actually a professional roper and he has seen children pass away doing this. He won't let his little boys near it, so if you care about Macey at all.....oh and they do have to sign a waiver. Also despite this comment, I'm normal, I have a masters degree, I've just ridden a lot of sheet. If you don't die - you turn out just fine.

  8. I just took an informal poll of my students ( who are what we affectionally call them selves country folk) they almost alllll raised their hands when asked who had participated in Mutton Bustin... I then listening to aprox 9573468 minutues of stories about there experiences. :)

  9. Hilarious!! OMG see, I knew I'd like your blog. I didn't realize you were in Houston! I was assuming Austin, cause you look too cool for Houston. Just sayin. & I can say that because I'm originally from Freeport, about an hour South of Houston, and still have family there. I wasn't country at all, more dirty-beach girl. lol, but even stuff like this creeps me out, and I love to say I'm a Texan, but not country. The video was awesome, and scary! Eessh. But my favorite was the small "hump day!" Haha. p.s., your daughter is too cute.


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