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With the exception of the suburban Wisconsin home I grew up in, I've never have a yard before. All the city living I did over the years didn't allow for this luxury. That changed however when Danny and I moved into our new house.

You know where I'm going with this right? Should I just get there faster? I BOUGHT A FRICKIN SLIP 'N SLIDE!!!

My cousin (Jess)  and sis (Julianna) were in town visiting, both of whom who you from here, to test out the slide with me.


Despite Jess's strong start and excellent form she got a little scared half way through.

Jess - have one of these! It will make you brave!
A combination of fresh fruit juices, champagne, and some B-12 ought to do the trick.
(Like the flamingo glasses?  They're dirt cheap. Get them here.)

We chilled the rest of the day and I got super sunburned on my back which I revealed here on my instagram.

In conclusion, I plan to get super into slip 'n sides this summer, including purchasing a bigger one with tons of bells and whistles. Danny, on the other hand, wants to enjoy his new yard by starting a garden. To each their own.
Slip 'n Slide fans unite! Let me hear you in the comments below!


  1. There is literally NOTHING better than a slip and slide in the summer in Texas... or really anywhere! Keep rasin' that girl right ;)

  2. Slip-n-slide FTW!! (just make sure you don't keep putting it in the same spot in the yard. it'll mess the grass up)

  3. YES. I love those things! We made it a tradition every year after we helped the freshmen move in, we'd make a slip 'n slide out of a tarp and hose outside of the sorority house. Yes, I realize that's so freakin' stereotypical, haha.

  4. Love chubby little hineys!


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