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How To Throw a Cool Baby Shower 101

Baby Showers. Not necessarily a fan favorite in terms of types of parties to attend. They're typically on Sunday, which should be reserved for the Lord or Netflix, depending on how you roll. The present opening is vile. The games are silly.  Fortunately my sister's (in-law) recent baby shower in Milwaukee refrained from most of this stereotypical tradition which I'll now expand on further.

This is Jules. She is pregnant.

This is Macy. She is not. Though if she keeps dancing on tables like this it won't be long.

My mom hosted the shower at Onesto in Milwaukee's Third Ward. 

 I contributed by giving the toast and producing a critically acclaimed slideshow of the parents-to-be.  
I also pulled my weight in regards to the open-bar tab. 
(Via drinking. Not paying for it - just incase that wasn't clear.)

Kiddy Cocktails were the drink du jour. 
(Garnished with maraschino cherries and vodka of course!)

Macy, bless her heart, thought all the presents were for her. 
Like she needs another popper thing - she already has one that she doesn't play with.

Looks like the vodka is starting to kick in.

Spoiler alert - she's having a boy! Surely this is obvious though by the "HE". 
Or if you're a more visual learner, the nuts in the left corner.

Jules 'n friends. 

Mom (in red) and friends.

Left: =)       Right: Me and Jess

That's a wrap! Now all you gotta do Jules is push a baby out of you, NBD! 

Throwing a baby shower soon? MOTHER MAG has 15 shower ideas that are  modern and Megan-approved.

Have a good weekend everyone! I'm seeing While We're Young tonight and tomorrow I'll be shopping for a present for my nephew. Showers are like weddings right, you have a year?  

XOXO, Megan


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