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Peek Kids Fashion Show

Last Thursday was a big night for the Silianoff family. 
Macy began her career as a runway model and I became a bonified stage mom.
Dreams do come true.

That's my friend Candace accompanying Macy down the aisle as I was MC'ing and Danny was capturing the moment a la video. 

Macy's signature look - naked.

Yes! How amazing is this little girl? She was my favorite model. 

The fashion show didn't officially start until 5pm, but they had the models arrive at 3:30pm.
So there was a lot crying - both on the "models" end, and the Peek employees end as the kids just malled their store.

From L to R: Me, my homegirl Candace, Lilly, Elly, and Kelly - The five of us dressed the 25ish models, MC'd our looks, and above all, made it out of there alive. Ver Dougar family-esque in there. JK - I never watched that show but dying to bring it up because, WTF. Can we please get some convo going about this in the comments section? 

As far as Peek goes, they describe themselves as the "Urban Outfitters" of kids clothes which is obviously a concept I'm on board with. Their prices are a little stiff but all of life's best clothes are. Check out Candace's  shoot with them here.


*If you haven't seen the post I published over the weekend, check 'er out. We're all gonna take selfies tomorrow for a good cause, cool? 

*I became an Aunt this weekend and am in love with a lil strawberry-blonde boy. 

*I survived my first "flash food" experience last night. Not a fan. Houston appears to be super f-ed up today. 


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  1. Love the boots you're wearing in this post. Where are they from?


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