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An expose on me being a gross person

Guys! I haven't blogged in a while. Between my biz, my baby, and all the volunteering I don't do things have been cray. I've decided to get back to my Greetings from Texas roots today though. No profesh photography. No subject matter contrived to obtain unique visitors. Just a straight up story from my real life about fruit fly genocide. Let's get started.

The first time I saw a cockroach in my Houston home I screamed and was personally offended. It was the size of a large bird. My midwestern background had raised me to believe that cockroaches thrive only in Manhattan or gross people's homes. Because I wasn't living in The Upper East Side, the latter was true. I was a gross person. 

My neighbors and other Houstonians eventually convinced me that this was not the case. That bugs are just apart of a Houston lifestyle as are flash floods and Whataburger. 

So last week when I saw a fruit fly on my counter near the fruit bowl I was ready to defend my home. Like a good Texas girl I got out my gun and fucking shot it!!!!!!!  #JK Instead, I googled "how to get rid of fruit flies" as one does and DIY'd a lil death chamber per the video I found on you tube.

-You just fill a shot glass, wine glass, cup, whatever with apple cider vinegar. 
-Cover it with saran wrap or a sandwich bag. 
-Use rubber bands or toddler hair ties to make the seal tight. 
-Poke small holes in the plastic. 
The flies will fly in and die a long, potent smelling death.

The first day I killed like 10 fruit flies. 

The next day 8 - give or take.

The next day, I had to explain to Michael, who works with me, that "the cup" on my counter wasn't urine as he assumed. 

I found myself checking the chamber periodically throughout the days because 
1. I work from home 
2. it was exciting!
3. my life is sad

This weekend, however, is where the story climaxes. After being gone for a four day weekend, I came home to this.

*spacing is intentional in hopes of building suspense




     Now I keep my produce in the fridge. 

The End

P.S. If anyone else has alternative suggestions for fruit fly genocide - feel free to leave in the comments section as this is a new interest of mine!



  1. Kyle and I had the same problem when we first moved down! I was disgusted with ourselves, following in suit to your own thoughts that this was somehow our own fault, even though I am OCD when it comes to cleaning. Anyway, I use the same method, but instead of apple cider vinegar I use balsamic vinegar. Must have clicked on a different Google link :) Miss you, hope all is well! We are back up in Michigan now, so let me know if you are ever in the Midwest for an extended period of time.

  2. The bugs are a legitimate cause for alarm. While some might consider them a familiar sight in homes, it’s still not a good idea to be complacent and let them run around. As soon as these pests appear, we should get rid of them decisively, wherever they may burrow. Anyway, I hope you’re able to find more natural ways of getting rid of those pests from your home. Good luck!

    Blanca Douglas @ Safeclean Ealing

  3. I stupidly tried my hand at composting a few months ago...and by that I mean I got a compost bin and religiously put all my fruit skins etc in there but was too busy to actually 'make' compost or really think about the whole fruit fly issue. We finally took it outside but it was too late. I found some botanical insecticide spray that i would attach them with, used sugar water (or wine) bowls to down them and also consistently poured bleach down the sinks (<--- this helped A LOT ! since they breed in the sinks!!) They're finally gone! :D Bleach bleach bleach.
    Lauren Jade
    Lauren Jade Lately
    'Simplifying Life, Maximizing Happiness'

  4. 1. Any vinegar or wine will do
    2. Soap in the water works instead of saran wrap above it: the files try to land on the surface, but because of the soap the surface tension won't support them and they sink and die.

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