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Last week when Julie, Candace, and I were in Austin we headed to Barton Springs. When in Rome, right? Which is precisely why I was skeptical.  Every "Things to do in Austin" list in the world directs you to go to Barton Springs - so I was a little concerned it'd be a tourist trap. Like the Navy Pier of Chicago.

 Boy was I wrong. (Not about Navy Pier. Navy Pier is awful.) 
But about Barton Springs. Barton Springs is fantastic!

Candace said my dive was "Greg Louganis worthy" to which I replied, "who?!?"

She described him as this amazing 80's Olympic diver which rang no bells.

"You're not talking about the guy who hit his head and had AIDS are you?" 

Now on the same page, we googled Greg, watch a few of his diving highlight reels, and checked on his current HIV status. He's still going strong in case you were wondering and  recently become a "dog agility expert" which I found an interesting choice. You think he'd be doing Migraine commercials or become a diving coach but the heart wants want it wants I suppose.

Still diving.  Still not hitting my head.

Tips for Barton Springs based on our one time being there.
Bring a towel. Does that seem obvious? Not to us. 
All we had were our beautiful, expensive, 100% cashmere Manoosh scarves.

Do not try this at home.

Y'all have a towel?

Julie had gotten a blow out that morning so in lieu of joining us in the water she documented Candace's water entry. It wasn't Greg Louganis quality but again, she didn't hit her head, which is really what life is all about.

Please enjoy.

Have a good day guys! I've been up since 4:10am finishing a website for a client.
We can sleep when we're dead, no? 


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