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Instacart For The Win!

Have you heard of Instacart? You have now. I think its basically a competitor of Peapod in that its a grocery store delivery service. But with Instacart, you get to choose what store (or combination of stores) your personal shopper shops at where I believe Peapod itself is the wholesaler. 

Ordering from Instacart, as one does.

Months ago my friend Candace told me about the genius of Instacart and emailed me a $10 coupon accordingly. I didn't feel compelled to use it until yesterday, however. After getting home late the night prior from vacay and then working all day, fighting traffic to the store was the last thing I wanted to do.  I scrolled through my inbox to find Candace's email and, HELLO FELICIA, I had groceries delivered to my door 4ish hours later!!!!

Tiffany, my Instacart shopper! Thanks girl!

*PS - before reading this next part, know this is not a sponsored post! 

What I liked about Instacart
1. I didn't have to go to the store. Duh.
2.  The website was super easy to use and because I was doing it online, I purchased zero impulse buys.
3. The website (and you can do it via their app too) saves your order history, so next time I do it, it will be even quicker because I generally buy the same same staples, as I'm sure we all do.
4. You can give your grocery shopper tips. So when I put I wanted bananas, pears, and other produce - I could add a note that said "buy them super ripe or green or whatever the case might be."  In terms of "delivery directions"  I instructed her to get into my gated apt. building by "tailgating someone else who's coming in". Though she didn't feel comfortable doing that given its illegal nature. Whatever.

What you have to keep in mind;
1. Price; everyone should use Instacart at least once because you get free delivery your initial time and I'm giving you a $10 off code! (MSILIANOFF1) But after that you have to pay delivery (roughly $6 - which I think is worth it) but also tip! Damnit to hell - I forgot about tip!(Of course you don't have to tip but I think that might be rude?! Candace told me 15% is good assuming your order isn't GINORMOUS). So once you have to pay $6 for delivery and 15% of your order - the service can add up.

3. That's it. If you're a baller, I don't see why you wouldn't use it everyday. (Unless you live in Mayberry and they don't have Instacart where you live. Sad.)  

A 100% staged picture in which I'm putting my newly purchased La Croix away. 

Ready to shop Instacart
Use my code MSILIANOFF1 for $10 off your first order!

P.S. For all of us with New Years Resolutions of being skinny in 2016, I just discovered this yoga brand and its bomb! 



  1. Can I cry? I live in Mayberry apparently....

  2. I love Instacart! I have a dangerous habit of impulse shopping at grocery stores (especially when I'm hungry) and this cuts back on that. Oh, and you can go back and tip, I think they give you a week or so to do that.

  3. Apartment? (Yes I have the crazy knack not to miss ANYTHING!)
    Deets, please :)


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